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11/07/2018. Special Seasonal Promotion on Select Paragon Kilns!.

Between now and December 31, get an extra 3 percent discount on the SC-2, F-130, FiberFuse-16, KM ...

07/03/2018. Morgan Harmon Wins Paragon FireFly Kiln for her School. READ MORE

03/07/2017. Free Custom Colors on Paragon Kilns.

For an indefinite period, any Paragon kiln can be ordered with an optional color at no extra char ...

02/06/2017. New Customer Service Manager at Paragon .

Charlie DiMaggio, Paragon’s new customer service manager, radiates energy ...

10/10/2016. Paragon Introduces New Touch Screen Kiln Controller.

After extensive testing under grueling conditions, we are now offering a new touch screen digital ...

10/10/2016. Deluxe Rolling Stand Included with Paragon 7-, 8-, 10-, and 12-sided Top-Loading Kilns.

Paragon 7-, 8-, 10-, and 12-sided top-loading ceramic and glass kilns now come with a deluxe roll ...

12/01/2015. 27 Years of Memories at Dogwood Ceramics.

As Dogwood prepares to celebrate their 27th Anniversary, Arnold Howard of Paragon Industries, L.P ...

06/23/2015. Paragon Hires Maria Garcia as Plant Manager.

Maria Garcia is the new plant manager at the Paragon Industries, LP kiln factory in Mesquite, Tex ...

06/23/2015. Team Leaders: A Combined 225 Years of Experience at Paragon.

The team leaders who help run the Paragon kiln factory have a combined 225 years of experience wo ...

01/27/2015. When a Paragon Kiln Became Artwork. Artists use Paragon kilns to make dazzling copper enameling, glass fusing, and pottery. In 2012, Mat ...

The New and Improved Paragon F-130, F-240, and F-500 Lamp Working Kilns

The new and improved F-240.


We have added major upgrades to three of our lamp working kilns; the prices remain the same. You, the lamp worker, asked for these changes, and we listened.

New thicker firebricks

We increased the firebrick wall thickness of the F-130, F-240, and F-500 by 20%. These kilns now have 3” thick firebricks throughout their firing chambers. The extra insulation enables the kilns to maintain long temperature holds with greater ease.

The deluxe mercury relay

Of these three models, the F-500 was the only kiln that previously came standard with a mercury relay, which controls the cycling of the heating elements. Now the F-130 and F-240 also have a mercury relay. The relay is industrial grade and heavy-duty.

Improved mandrel holder

The F-500 has had a slide-out mandrel holder for two years. We just added that to the F-130 and F-240. The mandrel holder on these kilns can be adjusted horizontally and vertically without tools. Pull out the heavy-duty mandrel holder (also called a point rest) until it is exactly where you need it. The holder slides inside steel tubes, which are hidden in the base of the kiln.

Sidewall heating elements

Previously the F-130 and F-240 could be special-ordered with sidewall elements; they came standard with the F-500. Now these models all have sidewall elements instead of top elements.

The elements heat from the sides and back in dropped, recessed wall grooves, which protect the elements. But if you prefer, you can still order these kilns with elements in the top instead of the walls; the price of the kiln is the same.

We recommend that you order the optional safety door switch, which turns off the elements when the door is raised. (The temperature controller will continue to operate when the safety switch turns off the elements.)

Above: The new and improved F-130. Below: the F-500.

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