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Paragon to Give Away Three Kilns in Video Contest

Paragon kiln video contest prizes: Caldera XL Digital, Fusion-16, and a choice between the BlueBird XL or SC-2.


Paragon Industries is holding a video contest for potters, ceramists, glass artists, and jewelers. The contest ends midnight, August 31, 2010, central time.

Paragon is giving away three kilns as prizes. Winners will be chosen from three categories. The categories and the kilns awarded as first prizes:

1) Best pottery / ceramics video: Caldera XL

2) Best warm glass video: Fusion-16

3) Best jewelry, glass beads, metal clay, enameling, or lampworking video: BlueBird XL or SC-2 (The winner may choose between those two models.)

Second-place winners in each category will receive a $250 gift certificate toward the purchase of a Paragon kiln. Third-place winners in each category will receive a $100 gift certificate toward the purchase of a kiln.

The video contest is open to anyone (except Paragon distributors and dealers) who owns a Paragon kiln, fires a friend’s Paragon, or attends classes that use Paragon kilns. Any fired work shown in the videos must be made in a Paragon kiln. No kiln purchase is necessary to win. Individuals may submit up to two videos. There is no cost to enter. Submissions will be judged on level of interest and drama.

Winning videos and finalists will receive online exposure at,, and other video websites.

“The videos, of course, should show a Paragon kiln, but the kiln doesn’t have to be the main theme,” said John S. Hohenshelt, president of Paragon. “We want videos about interesting people who fire kilns and the things they make.”

Paragon may edit the videos and add title text to the beginning and a credit roll to the end. We accept avi, mp3, mpeg, wav, wma, or wmv formats. Our maximum recommended video length is five minutes. Videos must be in English.

To enter the contest, first send an email to with your contact information:

1) Name

2) Address

3) Phone number

4) Paragon kiln model that you own or use

5) The type of ware that you make

Then load your video to our FTP site:

Username: videos

Password: TB9VXMFu=k

You will need an FTP program, such as FileZila Client, to transfer the video to our FTP site. You can download the FileZila FTP program from here:

Or you can mail the video on Mini-DV tape or a DVD to: Arnold Howard, Paragon Industries, L.P., 2011 South Town East Blvd., Mesquite, Texas 75149-1122

Video Suggestions

Please include yourself in your video. Your video should also show a Paragon kiln. However, the kiln doesn’t have to be the main theme of the video. Use one or more of these story ideas in your video, or come up with your own ideas:

Show a school kiln, the students who load it, the pieces fired in it, and your teacher.

Show your studio and studio surroundings especially if you live in an interesting area. We would like videos from all over the world.

Tell a story. How has a kiln and your art changed your life?

Have someone video you firing your kiln. Have your friends, spouse, and kids talk about you and your kiln.

Show how you made something interesting with your kiln. Talk about what you learned.

Use the video to promote yourself and your artwork. Show interesting pieces that you have made with a Paragon kiln. Show pieces on display in galleries, commissioned pieces on display in churches or offices, etc. Tell the story behind the pieces. Get video comments from customers or friends.

Show people looking at the finished pieces as the kiln is unloaded.

Point out your favorite features on your kiln. Give pointers on firing your kiln.

Talk about the history of your kiln. Share stories about the kiln.

Make a video of your mother or grandmother who owned a Paragon kiln and talk about your experiences growing up in a family that had a kiln.

Contest Rules

By sending us a video, you agree that you will follow our contest rules and that you are either at least 18 years old or have the approval of a legal guardian.

No kiln purchase is necessary to win this contest. But you agree that any fired work that you show in your video was made in a Paragon kiln—either a kiln you own, a friend’s kiln, or a school kiln that you use.

You agree that Paragon may edit your video and add title text to the beginning and a credit roll to the end.

You agree that Paragon Industries, LP may use your name, biographical information, town of residence, photo, statements, and any video you submit to us for any and all purposes including advertising, publicity, and marketing in print and online without additional compensation. We can feature your video indefinitely. This includes first, second, and third place winners and honorable mentions. We will, of course, give credit to the video owner. You agree to hold Paragon harmless from any injury or damage caused by participation in the contest.

You certify that your video is original and that you own the rights to the video. You agree that your video does not infringe on any copyright, trademark, patent, or confidentiality obligation.

You agree that anyone shown in your video has either signed a release or given you permission to appear in a video for Paragon. You agree to furnish a copy of such release or permission upon request.

The winners will be notified by email or phone and may be required to fill out and return an Affidavit of Eligibility/Release/Prize Acceptance Form within 14 days of notification. Any required taxes and withholding requirements are the responsibility of the winner.

Paragon reserves the right to cancel or modify this video contest if we receive an insufficient number of entries.

The Sponsor of this contest is Paragon Industries, L.P., 2011 South Town East Blvd., Mesquite, Texas 75149-1122, Voice: 972-288-7557 & 800-876-4328 / Fax: 972-222-0646

Paragon kiln video contest prizes: Caldera XL Digital, Fusion-16, and a choice between the BlueBird XL or SC-2.

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