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Loose Push-on Connectors

You can sometimes tighten a loose connector with pliers.


Loose Push-on Connectors

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A Kiln Story: The Disappearing Mug

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A loose push-on connector in a kiln’s control panel can get hot enough to melt a switch or relay terminal. A tiny electric arc jumps between the loose connector and the terminal, generating heat.

A tight push-on connector requires a fair amount of force to remove from the terminal. You can tighten the connector by gently squeezing with pliers.

But that doesn’t always solve the problem. If the push-on connector over-heats and then cools slowly, it loses its temper. Then the connector is like a spring that, when stretched, does not return to a coiled position. The push-on terminal must have spring tension, which makes the connector scrape the terminal blade as the push-on is inserted. Without temper, there is no spring tension.

You can tell if a push-on terminal has temper: will the terminal hold tight when you pivot the push-on from side to side? If the push-on connector has lost its temper, it will not stay tight even after tightening with pliers.

Loss of temper is indicated by discoloration. When in doubt, replace the push-on terminal. Otherwise, it can burn out a new switch or relay.



Q. Is there a way to reuse glass after it’s been fired? A huge bubble has formed in my glass piece.

A. Yes, there are many ways to salvage fused glass. You could slice the glass into 1/4" strips and incorporate them into new projects. Or crush the glass and make coarse frit, which is beautiful when fused into the surface of another piece. Frit is one of my favorite design elements.

It may also be possible to salvage the ruined piece. Sometimes you can break out a thin bubble, fill the area with frit, and fire the piece again.

Q. The top of my kiln is firing two cones cooler than the rest of the firing chamber.

A. A lid hinge that binds can cause the lid to rise slightly toward the end of the firing. This can happen even though the lid is closed all the way. If the lid rises at the front by 1/4” - 1/2”, the top of the kiln will underfire, especially if you have a kiln vent. If your kiln is firing too cool at the top, check the lid toward the end of the firing. Do not correct the problem by placing a brick on the lid. Instead, adjust the hinge.

Q. Are slower heating rates better for the kiln than fast heating rates?

A. Fast heating rates are no harder on kilns than slow rates. You can fire as fast as you want.

Q. What is FOB pricing?

A. FOB means Freight on Board. It is an accounting term that means the price shown does not include shipping.



Robert Sharpe of Haverhill, Massachusetts wrote, “Once when unloading a kiln, I misplaced a mug. I could have sworn that I had put it in the kiln the night before. I moved on and it wasn't until I was reloading the kiln the next day that I found the missing mug. I had not used high enough posts, and the mug had glazed itself to the underside of the shelf. I didn’t see the mug because I had lifted the shelf out, mug and all, and leaned it against the side of the kiln.”

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"Youth is not entirely a time of life--it is a state of mind. Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years. People grow old only by deserting their ideals.” --Samuel Ullman



The Fusion-6, -7, -8, -10, -16, and Ovation-10 glass kilns now come with an 18” tall kiln stand, which replaces the 9” tall stand. (The Ovation-10 has two stands.) This raises the kiln floor to a convenient 20-1/2” height.

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I have almost finished reading “Bodyguard of Lies,” by Anthony Cave Bear. It is about World War II espionage. Though non-fiction, it reads like a very long and complicated spy novel. History helps us understand current events, because it gives us the long view.

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