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Eliminating Dust from a Firebrick Lid

The brush nozzle on a vacuum removes dust from the inner lid surface.


Eliminating Dust from a Firebrick Lid

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An old firebrick kiln lid sometimes drops dust into the firing chamber, usually from lid cracks. The dust can ruin glazed pottery and fused glass, though it has no effect on ceramic bisque ware.

The heat from the kiln expands the firebricks, which frees the loose particles. You can remove the particles before the firing by vacuuming the lid with a brush nozzle. The brush is necessary; the vacuum nozzle held near the lid without the brush is not strong enough to remove all the loose particles.

Some of the particles are from refractory lid coating that has been applied too heavily. Thick layers of coating flake off. An especially thick coating looks like a network of peeling cracks on the inside lid surface. Remove the loose coating by gently sandpapering.



Q. Is it necessary to ever recoat the kiln bottom with kiln wash? If so, how often? The kiln wash on the shelf deteriorates pretty quickly.

A. The kiln wash adheres to the firebricks better than it does to shelves, because the firebricks are porous. So the kiln can fire for years without an extra coating of kiln wash. Apply more kiln wash to bare areas after removing glass or glaze that has dripped onto the firebrick bottom.

Q. How many pieces at a time can fit into the MagicFuse microwave kiln?

A. It depends on the microwave oven you are using. The heat distribution in some of the inexpensive ovens is poor. This limits the firing to a single piece of glass, unless you don't mind having full-fuse and medium-fuse pieces in the same firing. Better microwave ovens can evenly fire about four glass pendants per kiln load.

You can compensate for uneven firing by using the turntable in the microwave. But the less expensive ovens fire unevenly even with the turntable. Reducing the power setting can improve heat distribution, because it increases the number of turntable revolutions during the critical last 30 seconds of fusing. -----------


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