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Installing a thermocouple

Hi, this is another kiln pointer sent to you by Paragon Industries, Inc. This pointer is for digital kilns.

The thermocouple is the temperature sensor inside the firing chamber. It looks like a small rod extending into the kiln by about an inch.

When connecting the thermocouple wires, it is important to follow wire color polarity. If the red and yellow wires are crossed at any point between the thermocouple and the controller, the controller will either read temperature backward and stop firing, or will lose accuracy.

Example: you get an error code indicating that the red and yellow wires are reversed (on the wrong terminals). This message would probably appear after you have installed a new thermocouple.

You look at the terminals on the back of the controller board. The wires are attached to the correct terminals. This means the wires must be reversed at the thermocouple ceramic block, which is located inside the switch box of most kilns.

You don't want to remove the switch box, so you reverse the wires on the back of the controller. This gets the controller working again. But the problem is not solved.

The thermocouple-to-controller wire will now register the difference in temperature between the controller and the ceramic block. This could throw your temperature readings off by a wide margin.

In summary, maintain correct wire polarity at the back of the controller AND at the ceramic block.

Wishing you a great weekend,

Arnold Howard Paragon Industries, Inc. 800-876-4328

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