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A general rule of thumb is to fire one cone hotter in the Kiln Sitter than on the shelf. This applies to some kilns. Only experimentation will determine if it applies to yours.

If the shelf cone of the correct number does not bend all the way, and the Kiln Sitter shut off properly, fire a hotter cone in the Kiln Sitter the next time. To fire to 06, you might try an 05 cone in the Kiln Sitter. If the shelf cone bends too far, fire a cooler cone in the Kiln Sitter.

The freestanding cones (self-supporting) are easier to use than the standard large cones. Results are more consistent, too. However, you can make a cone "pack," or holder, by pressing the standard cones into a small wad of wet clay--just enough clay to make the cones stand upright. Poke holes into the clay with a toothpick to speed drying. The important thing to remember with this method of cone placement is that the slant of the cone must match the slant built into the base (8 degrees). With the wrong slant, the shelf cone will not bend accurately.

Kiln Sitter Cone Does Not Bend

A customer complained to me that the Kiln Sitter cone would not bend. The most common reason for this is that the wrong cone was used. The cone number stamped on the side of the cone is small. It is easy to load the wrong cone.

If the Kiln Sitter does not trip, even though the cone bends, check the rod for free movement inside the porcelain tube. (The porcelain tube will last longer, by the way, if the top peephole is left open, or if you use a downdraft vent. This reduces the flow of fumes through the porcelain tube.)

It is also possible that a wire inside the switch box has obstructed the movement of the Kiln Sitter parts, not allowing the Kiln Sitter to trip. I have seen that happen.

With best wishes,

Arnold Howard Paragon Industries, Inc.

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