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Electrical Installation of a Studio Kiln

Electrical Installation of a Studio Kiln

We recommend an electrical shutoff box near the kiln, in addition to having a circuit breaker at the electrical panel. The shutoff box is a must for direct-wired kilns, which can’t be unplugged to disconnect the power. The shutoff box is also important for kilns with plugs. We recommend disconnecting the power when the kiln is not in use. If you unplug the kiln frequently, the spring tension on the wall outlet may eventually weaken. The shutoff box disconnects the power without having to unplug the kiln.

Install the kiln within 25’ of the fuse or circuit breaker panel. For every additional 50’ from the panel, increase circuit wire size by one gauge.

But do not place the kiln right in front of the electrical panel. Keep the panel at least 3’ - 4’ away. Otherwise, the breakers may trip more easily on a hot day. This is because a circuit breaker is triggered by heat, and a nearby kiln can raise the temperature of the electrical panel.

Use a circuit wire size large enough for the wall receptacle amperage, even if the kiln amperage is less than the wall receptacle amperage. WARNING: changing the cord plug on Paragon kilns will void your warranty.

Use braided copper wire. Do not allow an electrician to use aluminum wire on your new circuit. Aluminum terminals corrode worse than copper and require greater installation care. Avoid using extension cords.

The kiln catalog lists recommended breaker and wire sizes for the circuit. Local codes, however, supersede our catalog recommendations.

You may have a 240 volt circuit conveniently located where you will keep your kiln. But do not assume that the circuit is the correct size. Dryer circuits are too small for most studio kilns. Even if you have the correct wall outlet, you should verify that the wire and breaker sizes are also correct. Make sure the equipment grounding wire is properly installed. Sometimes circuits have been installed by home owners with limited electrical experience.

Note: Do not use the circuit breaker to disconnect the kiln. Frequently switching the circuit breaker will weaken it. Instead, use a shutoff box located near the kiln.

Please have only a qualified electrician wire your kiln circuit.

Wishing you a great fall season,


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