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What is the maximum number of times per minute that the Sentry Xpress controller can turn on the relay during a hold?

The maximum number of relay cycles in 1 minute is 6.

... [More]

What is the maximum number of times per minute that the Sentry Xpress controller can turn on the relays during a temperature hold?

The maximum number of relay cycles is 6 times a minute.

... [More]

What is the purpose of the temperature hold?

Holding the temperature during a firing has many uses. Here are several:

1) Firing a few degrees cooler than normal and holding the temperature there for 10 – 20 minutes can heal pinholes in ceramic glazes, heal bubbles in fused glass, and br ... [More]

What is the theory in programming a slow cooling?

Instead of thinking of rate as a positive number (temperature rising), think of it as temperature change per hour. A rate of 200 is a temperature change of 200 degrees per hour. Whether the 200 degrees rate is cooling or heating depends on the segmen ... [More]

What rate do you use when programming a flash cool?

To program a flash cool, you will need a new segment. Enter 9999 rate (FULL) and the temperature you want at the end of the flash cool. For instance, if you are at 1400 deg F and you want to flash cool down to 1000, the flash cool segment rate is 999 ... [More]

What should I look for when I inspect the thermocouple tip inside the firing chamber?

Digital kilns use a thermocouple to measure the temperature inside the kiln. The thermocouple is the small rod protruding into the firing chamber.

Bumping the thermocouple can push it out of the firing chamber. This could cause an overfire. ... [More]

When a digital kiln is taking longer than usual to complete a firing, how do you know whether something has gone wrong and the kiln is over-firing?

You should place pyrometric witness cones on the shelf so that you can see them through a peephole. (Please see the “Pyrometric Cones” FAQ section.)

Here's another way to help prevent an over-fire: Learn to estimate kiln temperature by the c ... [More]

When a firing schedule is complete, and I want to turn off the SC-2 kiln, is it necessary to press Enter until the readout indicates Stop, or can I just turn the power switch off?

When the firing has completed, you can just turn the toggle switch to the off position. In fact you can do that at any time during a firing without harming the kiln. The current firing program will remain in active memory, ready for the next firing. ... [More]

When a zone indicator light blinks during 3-zone firing, does the controller default to single zone?

No. The zone with the flashing light receives continuous power from the elements. But the controller remains in 3-zone firing mode and attempts to complete the firing even though the zone with the blinking light has a lower temperature than the other ... [More]

When I start my digital kiln, the alarm beeps.

The alarm sounds at the beginning of the firing because it has been set to a lower temperature than room temperature.

... [More]

When I turn on my Sentry Xpress controller, the message 3F-1 appears. I cannot find this code in the manual or on line. What is this?

3F-1 is the software version installed in the memory chip of your controller. That message is normal and does not indicate anything wrong with the kiln. The code is not in the manual because every time the software is updated, that code number change ... [More]

When I used Program Review, my digital controller showed a target temperature of 964 that I don’t want. How do I get rid of it?

Program Review shows the program that you last fired. If you have entered another program since the last firing, then that is the program that appears in Review.

It is possible that a target temperature of 964 was inadvertently part of the l ... [More]

Which 12-key and 3-key controller error messages are accompanied by an audible alarm?

Sentry 12-key controller: ALAR, FTH, FTC, LTdE and HTdE

Sentry Xpress 3-key controller: ALAr, HTdE and CPLT (The Sentry Xpress does not have the FTH, FTC and LTdE alarms.)

... [More]

Why does my controller begin the next segment even though the display is still a few degrees away from the correct temperature? For instance, the next segment starts at 1448 instead of 1450.

What you are describing is normal for a digital controller. There is a delay of several seconds between the actual kiln temperature and the temperature shown in the controller's display window.

Since the kiln reached the temperature that you ... [More]

Why does my kiln underfire by a large degree?

If you have the Sentry 12-key controller, it is possible that your kiln uses a type-k thermocouple, but your controller is programmed for the type-s. This will make the kiln underfire. You can change the thermocouple type in the controller under Opti ... [More]

Why does the firing take longer with 3-zone control than with single zone?

The 3-zone control keeps the kiln temperature uniform from top to bottom. Sometimes it is necessary to slow down the firing to achieve this. For instance, suppose the top zone is too hot. The 3-zone system will slow down the top zone while the middle ... [More]

Why does the Sentry controller Present Status show an incorrect firing rate?

Present Status shows the actual firing rate of the current segment rather than the rate that you programmed. This lets you know how fast the kiln can actually fire at a particular temperature.

... [More]

Why does the shut-off temperature in Cone-Fire mode vary for a particular cone?

The firing rate for the last segment of a Cone-Fire program is 108 deg. F / 60 deg. C per hour. If the kiln fires at that rate, the shut-off temperature should match the temperature on Orton's cone chart in the 108 deg. F column.

However, if ... [More]

Why would you ever need the temperature alarm?

1) You want to watch glass slump through a drop ring so you can manually turn off the kiln when the glass has perfectly slumped. Set the alarm for 100 degrees before the glass will begin to slump. When the alarm sounds, watch the glass through the ki ... [More]

Will it harm the kiln to turn it off before it has fired to completion?

It is okay to turn off a digital kiln at any time. It will not harm the kiln or the controller.

... [More]

Will programming a FULL rate during a cooling segment turn off the elements?

Yes. If you will be raising the lid to flash-cool the glass after the glass has fused, you should program a FULL rate. This turns off the elements during that segment so the kiln can cool quickly.

... [More]

Will the relays continue to click on and off if the kiln is struggling to reach its programmed temperature?

If the kiln is struggling to maintain the programmed temperature, the relay will stop clicking. It will stay in the “on” position.

When a digital controller adds more heat to the kiln, it sends a signal to the relay. It clicks on, and power f ... [More]

Would unplugging the kiln erase the digital programs? Should the kiln be unplugged when not in use?

You can unplug the kiln. The digital programs will stay in memory even without power. For safety, you should unplug the kiln or disconnect the power when the kiln is not in use.

... [More]

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