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Do you have to fire the microwave kiln in a separate microwave oven?

You may want to set up a separate microwave oven in your glass fusing work area. But this is not essential. You can use a kitchen microwave oven to fire the MagicFuse. But you should clean out the microwave oven after each fusing session.

If ... [More]

Does glass jewelry fired in a microwave kiln require annealing in a glass kiln?

We have made many glass pendants with the MagicFuse microwave kiln. After the kiln is removed from the microwave, glass pieces take about 50 minutes to cool. None of them have broken. Annealing in a separate kiln is unnecessary for small glass pieces ... [More]

Does the MagicFuse microwave kiln require a turntable in the microwave oven?

It is okay to fire the MagicFuse with or without a turntable. The turntable gives more even heating inside the firing chamber. The only disadvantage to using a turntable is that the movement may disturb the glass pieces before they have had a chance ... [More]

Does the microwave kiln ruin a microwave oven due to heat buildup?

Protect the microwave oven from heat damage by placing 3 – 1/2” ceramic posts under the kiln. If you remove the MagicFuse microwave kiln after the glass has fused, the heat will not build up inside the microwave oven. Allow the MagicFuse to cool outs ... [More]

How do you get even heat distribution when firing glass in the microwave kiln?

Firing the MagicFuse kiln on the microwave's food rotator tray produces better heat distribution inside the kiln than firing without the tray. However, in some microwaves the rotator tray jerks as it turns, moving glass pieces out of position. If thi ... [More]

How long does it take to fire glass in the microwave kiln?

All microwave ovens fire differently. The firing time varies from one microwave to the next, and a MagicFuse kiln that is still warm from a previous firing takes less time to fire than a cold kiln. A fluctuation in voltage can also change the firing ... [More]

How many pieces at a time can fit into the MagicFuse microwave kiln?

It depends on the microwave oven you are using. The heat distribution in some of the inexpensive ovens is poor. This limits the firing to a single piece of glass, unless you don't mind having full-fuse and medium-fuse pieces in the same firing. Bette ... [More]

Is it okay to fire metal clay in the MagicFuse microwave kiln?

We have included glass fusing instructions in the kiln’s manual, because firing glass is controllable. You can check the glass visually. It would be more difficult to fire metal clay than glass in the MagicFuse, so the instruction manual does not cov ... [More]

My MagicFuse kiln is beginning to show cracks in the coating. Should I be alarmed?

Small cracks will appear inside the kiln after you have fired it several times. Do not be concerned with these. They are normal and do not affect the firing results. The kiln will make plinking noises as it cools. This is also normal and nothing to b ... [More]

Why do my glass pieces break in the microwave kiln?

The pieces must be fairly small and clean. Greasy fingerprints and glue can break the glass due to the extremely fast heating in the microwave.

When pieces break in the MagicFuse, try adding a pre-heat. Set the microwave oven to 50% power, an ... [More]

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