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I was wondering how to enamel on brass. Can I use the same enamel that I use on copper?

Copper enamels will not work on brass. The coefficient of expansion is not compatible. The result will just be the enamels chipping, cracking, and/or flaking off the piece.

There is a product called "Gilding metal" which is 95% copper and 5% zinc. This is "technically" a brass product and it can be enameled, although only for two or three firings. After that the enamel starts popping off. But gilding metal should not be confused with the sheet brass one might find in a hardware store or other sources. Gilding metal is made specifically for things like badges and has a much higher percentage of copper than other types of brass.

At one time Thompson Enamel made a line of enamels specifically for brass; however, they discontinued it many years ago. --Pam East, author of “Enameling on Metal Clay.”

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