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I am casting 3” thick glass. How do I program a rate of less than 1 degree Celsius?

Set the controller for degrees F. Convert your degrees C program to degrees F. 1 degree F is .55 degrees C.

Below is the F/C temperature conversion formula. Use formula #1 to convert a firing temperature. Use formula #2 to convert a change in temperature, or rate.

Conversion Formula 1: Firing temperature (i.e. "Fire to 1600F." Example: 1600F = 871C)

(C x 1.8) +32 = F

(F - 32) divided by 1.8 = C

Conversion Formula 2: Firing rate or temperature change (i.e. "Fire at 200F per hour" or "Fire 200F hotter." Example: 200F = 111C)

C x 1.8 = F

F divided by 1.8 = C

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