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How do I install the thermocouple on the kiln for a separate pyrometer?

To install the thermocouple (temperature sensor) of a pyrometer, you can either use a drilled peephole plug or drill a hole in the kiln wall.

We carry a special tapered peephole plug that has a 1/8"-wide hole in the center for a thermocouple. While the kiln is still cold, insert the plug into the peephole. Push the thermocouple into the plug until 1" - 3/4" of the thermocouple tip extends into the firing chamber. Make a mark on the thermocouple where it lines up with the outside of the peephole plug.

When you fire the kiln, make sure the thermocouple is pushed into the peephole plug up to the mark that you made earlier. Otherwise the thermocouple may not be far enough inside the kiln to get an accurate reading.

If you need to drill a hole in the kiln wall, find a location near the center of the kiln. It should be in a row of blank bricks or at the seam formed by two rows of bricks.

Once you have determined where you will place the thermocouple, measure down to that point with a tape measure. Place a mark on the stainless steel case of the kiln using the tape measure, and drill a hole wide enough for the thermocouple.

Insert the thermocouple into the hole so that 1" - 3/4" of the tip extends into the firing chamber.

A pyrometer operates independent of the kiln. So the only connection you will need to make is to install the thermocouple.

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