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What are the advantages of a kiln that has two grooves per brick over one that has one groove per brick?

With only one brick groove, the element wire is shorter for each section of the firing chamber. With two grooves, there are twice as many wraps of element wire around the kiln. Since the wire is longer in a two-groove kiln, it can also be thicker without reducing electrical resistance too much. If the resistance is too low, the kiln will pull too much amperage and burn out. This is one of the main weaknesses of the one groove system. Yes, 3-zone control is a standard upgrade available from most kiln manufacturers including Paragon. It's usually overkill, though, because Paragon elements are "tuned," which means the section of the kiln that needs less heat has cooler elements than sections that need more heat. Kilns that have only one brick groove do not have tuned elements. The ohms for all the elements are the same throughout the firing chamber. The 3-zone control is used to compensate for unequal heat within the firing chamber. This, by the way, slows down the kiln, because the zones need time to keep up with each other.

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