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The Art of Beads, Volume One

By Ricio Bearer and Ron Bearer Jr.

This 34-page project book is crammed with clear, detailed color photos. Each step is easy to follow.

This book takes you through 3 projects: the first is a watchband made with contour beads, seed beads, findings and crystals; the second is a fitted bracelet which includes a focal bead and art pieces; and the third covers garden beads that are full of depth and fine detail.

The book will show you how to shape a bead using brass molds, bend beads over a mold, assemble bent beads for a glass watchband, create images of flowers, and add frit to a bead design. The book includes an illustrated list of tools at the front and a gallery of beautiful designs at the back. To order a copy, call 321-631-4477.

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