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1 Best value 

We offer a wide selection of better designed kilns at competitive pricing. Paragon’s better designs allow you to spend more time selling products and value-added services. Our wide product selection will expand your customer base and help you sell into new markets. Because of our economies of scale, in-house manufacturing, and centrally located facility, you can sell more Paragon kilns at competitive prices. 

2 Replacement parts 

We offer long term availability on replacement parts. Since we have our own manufacturing facility and extensive engineering documentation, many replacement parts are readily available and usually ship the next business day. 

3 Broad market coverage with deep product selection 

Paragon Industries offers the largest selection of kilns in the industry for pottery, ceramics, art glass, silver clay and heat treating.  We currently offer 4,000 models in 20 different product lines.   As a distributor, you are able to purchase any of our standard products and sell custom kilns to users with unique applications. 

4 Better designed kilns 

We constantly assess the kiln marketplace for new ideas through discussions with distributors and customers. We gather this data and then work with our engineering group to design superior kilns. This constant marketplace assessment has led us to develop the largest selection of kilns in the industry. Our focus on the ergonomic and productivity needs of our customers has led to kilns that are easy to use, reliable, and fire with consistent results to eliminate wasted materials and time. Our commitment to innovative kiln designs is reflected in our three design patents. 

5 Corporate marketing support 

Paragon Industries advertises in over 20 national trade magazines that cover pottery, art glass, ceramics, and other related art forms. This totals over 200 magazine ads per year that range up to a full page. We promote our products at eight to ten national trade shows each year. We have an extensive website that averages 50,000 hits per month. In 2004 the number of links to our site grew 50%. Distributors receive a listing on our Distributor page, where customers can search for local distributors. 

6 Distributor marketing support 

We assist distributors with their own marketing materials by providing pictures and text for their website and catalogs. In some instances we will work with distributors in co-op advertising. Of course, we provide product brochures, price lists and catalogs at no charge. 

7 Strong buyer satisfaction 

We aggressively pursue strong buyer satisfaction through our quality control processes, product packaging, and responsive technical support. Every kiln goes through our vigorous 15-point quality control inspection prior to shipment. We are the only major kiln manufacturer that packages the kilns for truck shipment in individual wood crates. Every kiln shipped by UPS is packaged with UPS-approved boxes padded with spray packaging foam. 

8 Freight policy 

We offer a freight program that is based upon dollar volume of purchase. 

9 Comprehensive product support 

We have five customer service representatives with years of firing experience and two full-time engineers available to assist you through our toll-free number. Our extensive website has wiring diagrams, instruction manuals, and FAQs to assist you. 

10 Education 

We offer two basic and one advanced In-plant Kiln Maintenance Seminars annually that are taught by the director of engineering and the Paragon staff. At the seminars the customer can see how the kilns are manufactured, receive training on maintaining our products for years of reliable service, and learn tips on how to obtain consistent firings. With this training you can sell kiln maintenance services. 

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