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Paragon Industries, located in Mesquite, Texas manufactures World Class kilns,ovens, and industrial furnaces. We build specialty kilns & ovens for knifemaking, ceramics, copper enameling, glass fusing, slumping, pottery, heat treating, silver clay, PMC, Art Clay Silver, raku jewelry, and much more. Our kilns come in a variety of chamber shapes and sizes. Select between top or front loading.

We build industrial furnaces for heat treating, dental, and knife making. We can even manufacture custom kilns and furnaces to your exact specifications. Over the years we have designed thousands of custom furnaces. So, chances are good that the design you need is already in our files. If you need an industrial furnace, get an estimate from us. Find out if you have been spending too much elsewhere.

Customer Creations

A finished piece created by a Paragon customer using one of our kilns or furnaces.

Paragon World Class Kilns & Ovens

Paragon Industries, L.P. manufactures kilns and heat-treating ovens which are truly “American Made” by master kiln builders. Designed and engineered with intention, our products are known for their dependability.

Special Notice
Corona Virus

March Madness is Upon Us

Representatives from Paragon Industries, LP are making preparations for a very busy time of year. March and April are the busiest time of the year – tradeshow season. Members of Team Paragon (Paragon Industries, LP) will be traveling all over the United States and abroad over the coming months.

So, if you are traveling to any of the upcoming trade shows, be sure to visit the Paragon Industries, LP booths and visit with a representative of our team to check out our “World Class Kilns & Ovens.”

We will have representatives at the following tradeshows:

March 12-17, 2020: Metal Clay and Knife Show (United Kingdom)

March 25-28, 2020: NCECA (Richmond, Virginia)

March 26-28, 2020: NAEA (Minneapolis, Minnesota) ...READ MORE

A Kiln Story: Ode to Chuck

By Sarrah Hurst Groves

My first pottery kiln was a Paragon that I named Chuck. I remember the first day he came home with me--oh, the joy! I had been throwing pots at home and hauling them twenty miles across Tulsa to a public art studio to fire. You can imagine how thrilled I was to have my very own kiln. Even though he had a few years on him, to me he was perfect and new!

Chuck is now 39. We’ve had some serious talks in all our time together. I’ve patted him on the lid like a faithful workhorse, brought him back from the brink of death like a skilled surgeon, fought with him like a frustrated boss, and communed with him like a best friend.

I trust Chuck. He is a safe place to put my precious creations. He was with me when I raised my children; he was there when they left for college. He has


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  • “Custom and standard Kilns and Industrial Furnaces for ceramics, pottery, heat treating, enameling,
    dentistry, laboratory, and glass fusing.
    Better Designed Kilns from Paragon Industries!"