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01/27/2015. When a Paragon Kiln Became Artwork. Artists use Paragon kilns to make dazzling copper enameling, glass fusing, and pottery. In 2012, Mat ...

01/27/2015. The Artists Who Developed Glass “Weaving”. Eric Markow and Thom Norris are noted for creating woven glass kimonos, which have been called “impo ...

12/08/2014. Wishing You Much Joy for the Holiday Season.

Once you own a kiln, you can have fun making beautiful gifts all year long ...

10/08/2014. Mariana Flores Promoted to Assistant Plant Manager at Paragon Industries.

Mariana Flores has worked at the Paragon kiln factory for more than 18 yea ...

10/03/2014. The New and Improved Paragon F-130, F-240, and F-500 Lamp Working Kilns.

We have added major upgrades to three of our lamp working kilns; the price ...

09/22/2014. Finding Inspiration as a Glass Artist.

“Glass is unlike any other medium I’ve ever worked with,” said Jill Tanenb ...

09/09/2014. Complimentary Paragon Kiln Maintenance Seminar October 24 - 25, 2014 .

We hope you can attend the 1–1/2 day Basic Kiln Maintenance Seminar this O ...

04/22/2014. Alexis Bratto Wins a Paragon Caldera Kiln for her School.

High School sophomore Alexis Bratto, who wants to pursue a career in the arts, received the Para ...

10/07/2013. “If I were stranded on a desert isle” . . . Ann Davis.

A new Paragon ad in Metal Clay Artist magazine features jewelry artist Ann Davis. The ad includes ...

10/07/2013. A Jewellery Kiln: The Closest Thing to Alchemy.

Hilary Bowen teaches silver clay jewellery in Breamore, a village in Hampshire, England.


Paragon Begins Construction to Expand Kiln Factory

This is just behind the main Paragon factory. The sheet metal wall covering is going up.


We have just received a permit from the City of Mesquite, Texas for construction of a 20,000-square-foot building. The new building will be located behind the 52,000-square-foot kiln factory. The lot has been leveled and is ready for construction.

“We ran out of storage space in the main factory,” said John S. Hohenshelt, president of Paragon, “so we have been storing raw materials in trailers. Our new building will give us room to expand. We are taking this opportunity to improve the workflow through our existing facility by changing the layout. We are continuing to grow our production facility to meet the needs of our customers, and we are grateful to them for making this possible.

“We are going to paint a unicorn on the new building,” added John with a laugh, “because the permitting process through the city has taken so long that the building seems mythical, like the unicorn.”

With more factory space available, Paragon will add a third computer-controlled brick grooving CNC machine and a fourth sheet metal plasma cutter.

Putting the finishing touches on the sheet metal wall.

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