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Paragon Fast Facts


  • Family owned company founded in 1948 
  • Over 380,000 kilns shipped to date 
  • Holder of 3 design patents 
  • Customers include Harley Davidson, Ford Motor Company, Alcoa Aluminum, Hughes Christiansen, and 3M. 
  • Long tradition of making better designed kilns 
  • Paragon: Greek meaning “model of perfection” 


  • All Paragon kilns are manufactured in Mesquite, Texas, USA. 
  • 52,000 square foot production facility 
  • Complete sheet metal fabrication and automated brick cutting machinery to develop new products quickly 
  • Centrally located to offer shipping transit times in under 4 days at competitive rates to continental United Sates 

Broad Markets Covered with Extensive Product Selection 

  • Over 4,000 standard and specialized kilns available for sale 
  • We offer 20 product lines supporting multiple markets including ceramics, pottery, glass fusing, knife making, silver clay, general heat treating, and many other applications. 
  • Long Term availability on replacement parts 
  • We offer our entire product line through our distribution channels. 

Custom-Designed Furnaces 

  • Our full time engineer staff and onsite manufacturing capabilities enable us to make customer specified furnaces. 
  • We have developed and sold over 900 customized furnaces since 1994. 
  • All designs are done using Auto CAD software so we can offer long term support and volume production for unique designs. 

World-Wide Distribution 

  • Over 200 knowledgeable distributors in the United States 
  • Distributors established in 17 other countries around the world 
  • Extensive knowledge on international standards allows Paragon to build kilns for any country in the world 


  • Paragon’s highest priority is to design kilns that are safe for you to enjoy. 
  • 100% of our models are designed to comply with the National Electric Code and the industry standards for electric kilns. Periodic review by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories under the OSHA jurisdiction assure our compliance. 
  • All kilns sold in Europe have been designed to meet CE Certification. 


  • Every Paragon kiln goes through a 15 step quality control procedure before it ships. 
  • A certified quality technician oversees the quality control program and tracks each kiln by serial number through the process. 
  • 100% of all kilns are inspected before shipping to the customer. 


  • 70 full-time employees 
  • 2 staff developmental engineers and 5 customer service agents 

Low turnover rates and high job satisfaction resulting in 25% of employees having been at Paragon for over 10 years 

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  • “Custom and standard Kilns and Industrial Furnaces for ceramics, pottery, heat treating, enameling,
    dentistry, laboratory, and glass fusing.
    Better Designed Kilns from Paragon Industries!"