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The Janus-1613 Glass/Pottery Kiln

The heat of the kiln is magical and offers wonderful surprises. Stained glass and ceramic glazes undergo a complete transformation in the kiln. Opening a kiln to view your treasures is a festive moment that you will never outgrow. Own a Janus-1613 and you can have those moments whenever you want.

Imagine the glass you could sag, slump, and fuse with this kiln. Make small bowls, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, and even bracelets in clay or glass. Make treasured gifts. When you own a Paragon kiln, you can experiment with new ideas to your heart’s content.

The new Paragon Janus-1613 can fire both pottery and glass. Heating elements are mounted in the top and sidewalls.

Select between glass and pottery with the flip of a switch. With the switch in glass mode, heat comes from the top elements and the middle sidewall element. With the switch in pottery mode, heat comes from only the sidewall elements.

In the glass mode, fuse and sag large glass projects placed on a single shelf. In the pottery mode, fire to cone 10. You can also fire several shelves of smaller glass pieces using the pottery mode.

The elements in the lid are mounted in a firebrick “ball” groove that eliminates element pins. The element coils are wider than the groove opening, so the elements stay in place without pins. The groove dissipates heat efficiently, evenly radiating heat onto the glass.

The thermocouple, which senses temperature inside the kiln, is protected with a high-nickel stainless steel sheath for long life.

Will you anneal glass for long periods in your Janus-1613? Then you should order the mercury relay upgrade. The mercury relays found on our large industrial kilns outlast mechanical relays. The life of the quiet, reliable mercury relay has been measured in millions of on/off cycles. Please call for a price on the mercury relay upgrade.

A heavy galvanized steel base covers the reversible brick bottom completely. It folds up under the stainless case on all sides to strengthen the firing chamber. This is one more assurance that your Paragon kiln is built to last.

A kiln stand is included at no extra charge. The stand is complete with mar-proof plastic feet.

The Janus-1613 control box is finished in a durable high temperature, water-base blue paint. We chose water-base paint because of the low emissions during spraying. This creates a safer working environment for our employees and cuts down on pollution.

Wires are fastened to the elements with heat-dissipating connectors refined and proven over many years in Paragon kilns. Elements are coiled from the finest high-temperature wire available.

A large, tapered peephole offers a wide view of the firing chamber with little heat loss. The peephole, both sides of the lid and top rim of sidewall firebrick are hardened and sealed with a special refractory coating to protect the ware from dust.

And, of course, the Paragon Janus-1613 is made in America with pride.

The digital Sentry 2.0 includes two modes: Cone-Fire with programmed slow cooling and 18-Segment Ramp-Hold. It is manufactured by the Orton Ceramic Foundation exclusively for Paragon.

You will be amazed at the convenience of digital firing. The reliable solid-state Sentry controller continually monitors the firing so you can spend your time productively without closely watching the kiln. (Please remember, however, to check the kiln during firing and to monitor it near the expected shutoff time.) The sealed touch pad keeps out dust and is easy to wipe clean.

The controller has powerful features that you will enjoy using. Yet we have also worked hard to make the controller user-friendly.

Do you ever wonder how much electricity your kiln uses? The digital controller can figure this for you with the press of a button. Find out how little a kiln actually costs to fire. Learn to conserve energy by experimenting with firing speed, load density, etc.

  • Glass/pottery selection switch
  • 3” insulating refractory firebrick walls
  • Sidewall elements in dropped, recessed brick grooves are easy to replace.
  • Tapered peepholes for a wide view
  • A steel floor pan supports the entire brick bottom of each kiln.
  • One year limited warranty
  • Available in 240, 200, 208, or 380 volt, 50 or 60 hertz, single or 3 phase.
  • Janus-24 and Janus-27: easy-access control box with folding support arm.
  • Since the Janus-1613 is designed for porcelain, it also easily fires ceramics, china paint, decals, gold and, of course, glass.
The Furniture Kit (Sold Separately)

The furniture kit consists of carefully selected fireclay shelves and posts for this particular model. When estimating the price of the kiln, include the cost of furniture. The furniture allows you to stack multiple layers of ware. Without it, you could fire only the ware that would fit on the kiln bottom.

Furniture Kit for Janus-1613, S-1613-3, TnF-1613-3

2 - C-18 (15” Round x 5/8”) Shelves, 1- C-18 1/2 Shelf

1" Square Posts, 3 each - ”, 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”

1 lb. Bag Kiln Wash

Furniture Kit Shipping Weight: 28 lbs.


Max. Temperature










Breaker Size








Control Type

Sentry Digital 12-key Ceramics







Chamber Volume

1.75 CU.FT.
49.55 Liters

Chamber Diameter

419.10 CM

Chamber Depth

336.55 CM

Outer Size

25.50W x 32.50D x 29.00H Inches
647.70W x 825.50D x 736.60H CM

Ship Size

36.00W x 36.00D x 27.00H Inches
914.40W x 914.40D x 685.80H CM

Ship Weight

171.00 Lbs.
77.57 Kg.

Ship Method

This Kiln Ships Via Truck

Part Number

86611N1D00   * Base Model




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          Sentry 2.0 12-Key Cone-Fire/Ramp-Hold Manual, Oct 2009 Edition       Glass Kiln Instruction & Service Manual

  • Step 5/6:

    Select various Options available for this model that may be of interest:

    Wear firing safety glasses whenever looking into the firing chamber of a hot kiln. Filters the infra-red and ultra-violet light. Reduces glare, makes pyrometric cones easier to see.

    Paragon no longer sells firing safety glasses. Instead, you can order them directly from Amazon. We recommend green #3 lenses.

    Click here to order glasses from


    6" tile holder saves space, allows air to circulate around tiles for even heating. Reduces warping. Holds tile without touching the glazed surface. Holds 9 6" x 6" tiles. Exterior: 7 1/2"W x 10"H x 6 1/4"D.


    Recommended furniture kit for the Paragon Janus-1613, Xpress-1613-3, TnF-1613, and equivalent sized kilns. Included:

    2 C-18 Shelves (15” round x 5/8”)

    1 C-18 Half Shelf (15” round x 5/8” half)

    1" Square Posts, 3 each – 1/2”, 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”

    1 lb. Bag Kiln Wash

    Shipping size: 19” long x 18” wide x 7” high

    Ware is fired on shelves that are separated by posts so you can fire multiple layers of ware in your kiln. Coat the shelves with kiln wash, which prevents glaze or glass from sticking to the shelves.

    Paragon’s durable cordierite shelves resist warpage and thermal shock. They are volume-stable. (Note: The photo shows a general assortment of furniture rather than the exact contents of this shelf kit.)


    The optional lid safety switch turns off power to the heating elements when the lid is raised. The controller remains powered. The switch turns the power to the elements back on when the lid is closed. The switch mounts to the back of the lid. IMPORTANT: The lid safety switch is required in some areas such as Canada and Europe.


    The Auto-Cone is an optional factory-installed safety backup for digital kilns. It comes without the Limit Timer. The Auto-Cone is housed in a separate box on the side of the kiln. The price shown below is for the Auto-Cone backup ordered for a new digital kiln.

    The Auto-Cone operates the same as the earlier Dawson Kiln Sitter. Mount a small cone on the cone supports. Since the Auto-Cone is a safety backup, the cone should be one to two cones hotter than the programmed firing. Thus, the digital controller can still turn off the kiln at the proper time.

    Orton improved the basic Kiln Sitter design. The Auto-Cone uses a more durable metal in the sensing rod and cone supports that withstands high temperatures better than stainless steel. They also chrome-plated the swivel parts to help resist corrosion. Each Auto-Cone comes with a screwdriver, allen wrenches, and a downloadable operating manual.

    Even though a kiln is equipped with the Auto-Cone backup shut-off, you should still monitor the kiln from time to time during operation. We cannot guarantee a kiln against overfiring.


    18" wide x 12 1/4" tall deluxe stand with casters. Conveniently move your kiln out of the way when not in use. Heavy-duty stands remain rock-steady with power pressed steel frame and reinforced legs. 2" smooth rolling steel casters included. Shipped fully assembled. Shipping dimensions: 18" wide x 12" deep x 24" high.


    AUXILLARY OUTPUT FOR SENTRY II CONTROLLERS (VENT CONTROL) The AOP (Auxiliary Output) is an electrical outlet mounted to the kiln. Plug either a downdraft vent or an external alarm into the AOP. Control the vent with Cone-Fire or Ramp-Hold modes.


    RS232 PORT ON SENTRY 2 CONTROLLERS (PC CONTROL) The RS232 is a computer port mounted to the kiln. You can monitor the kiln from a computer and store a record of each firing on your hard drive. Print graphs of firings.


    Optional Type-S premium-grade thermocouple for single-zone 2 1/2" - 3" wall kilns. Ideal for firings above cone 4. It is extremely long lasting even at stoneware temperatures. (This price is for the thermocouple that is factory-installed on your new kiln.)


    KILNVENT MASTER 120V M9 VENT MASTER (Installed after the kiln is set up)

    The patented Orton Vent Master not only vents fumes but also improves firing results.

    It pulls fresh oxygen into the kiln for brighter colors, especially noticeable with red and orange glazes and decals. Fire red and green glazes in the same load without glaze contamination. The Vent Master draws air from the kiln, dilutes it with room air, and pushes it outdoors through a vent hose.

    The extra oxygen and increased air movement help burn carbon out of the clay, which helps eliminate a host of firing problems: bloating, dark patches in the clay, porcelain mildew, pinholes, pitting, blisters, and bubbles.

    The Vent Master removes fumes containing volatile metals, fluorides and sulphur oxides. You can fire even lusters, decals, metallics, and pate-de-verre glass without strong odor.

    The flow of fresh air helps even out the temperature throughout the kiln. The vent also extends the life of the Kiln Sitter tube assembly, since fumes by-pass the tube. You will enjoy the convenience of the Vent Master. Throughout the firing, keep the lid closed and peephole plugs inserted. You no longer need to remember to lower the hot lid from vented position.

    The Vent Master increases firing time by about five minutes for firings up to cone 4; 12 minutes for firings from cone 4 to 10. It has little effect on maximum temperature. At 132 watts, electrical consumption of the Vent Master motor is only pennies per firing.

    From the shut-off temperature down to 1000°F, the Vent Master has little effect on cooling time. From 1000°F to room temperature, it reduces cooling time by about two hours.

    As with Paragon kilns, the Orton Vent Master can be made for any electrical system in the world. Approved for use in the 1992 Uniform Mechanical Code. UL/CSA approved for UL Listed kilns. ETL Listed, CE Certified. Two year limited warranty.

    Order a kiln with the Vent Master and we will drill all necessary holes at no extra charge. (Please note: kilns in stock will not be uncrated to drill the holes.) The holes are only ¼”.

    The Vent Master requires a separate 120 volt wall plug unless your kiln is equipped with the AOP vent.

    A 3’ long 2” duct comes with each vent. The 2” duct runs between the collection cup and the blower motor. Use 4” aluminum dryer duct or 4” PVC pipe between the motor and the vent outlet. (Do not use vinyl dryer duct.)

    Position the Vent Master next to the kiln and attach the collection cup to the bottom or side of the kiln. The collection cup fits under most top-loading kilns. (Note: The kiln stand must be at least 5” high to accommodate the collection cup.) Since the vent motor is away from the kiln, there is no vibration in the kiln, the motor is kept away from the heat of the kiln, and the fan is easy to clean. The Vent Master works with all Paragon kilns except the smallest tabletop models. The Vent Master can vent two kilns. For the second kiln, order the Vent Master Expansion Kit.

    Shipping dimensions: 15" wide x 10" deep x 12" high.


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