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Paragon Industries, located in Mesquite, Texas manufactures quality kilns and industrial furnaces. We build specialty kilns for ceramics, copper enameling, glass fusing, slumping, pottery, heat treating, silver clay, PMC, Art Clay Silver, raku jewelry, and much more. Our kilns come in a variety of chamber shapes and sizes. Select between top or front loading.

We build industrial furnaces for heat treating, dental, and knife making. We can even manufacture custom kilns and furnaces to your exact specifications. Over the years we have designed thousands of custom furnaces. So, chances are good that the design you need is already in our files. If you need an industrial furnace, get an estimate from us. Find out if you have been spending too much elsewhere.

Customer Creations

A finished piece created by a Paragon customer using one of our kilns or furnaces.

Large Capacity Glass Fusing on 120 Volts

Paragon’s Fusion-14 and Fusion-16 digital glass kilns can fire glass bowls, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, and even bracelets. Imagine the custom tile murals you could make with these kilns.

When you own a Paragon kiln, you can try out new ideas and techniques whenever you feel the urge. Some artists find themselves working in glass during every spare moment.

The lid elements are mounted in pinless element grooves. The standard Fusion-14 and Fusion-16 come with an insulating firebrick top. You can upgrade your kiln with the optional deluxe ceramic fiber top and the high temperature 1” x 3” glass window. You can even anneal glass beads with the optional bead door, which mounts to the front of the kiln.

A Jewellery Kiln: The Closest Thing to Alchemy

Hilary Bowen teaches silver clay jewellery in Breamore, a village in Hampshire, England.

Q. How did you get started in glass and silver clay? What was your reaction to PMC the first time you heard of it?

A. I got started in silver clay when I went to a three-hour class in 2004. I was hooked. It was just the most amazing stuff I had ever come across and the nearest I was ever to get to alchemy! So I spent a year making silver clay pendants, mainly from leaves, spending every spare moment working with the clay.

Eventually I found a place in Corfe (in Dorset), run by Petra Cameron, which offered whole-day introductory classes, so I booked on to one of those. A few months later I did my Level 1 Certification course with Petra Cameron followed by the Level 2, in November 2005. Then I bought a Paragon SC-2 kiln and started my own classes. (I use Art Clay Silver rather than PMC simply because that was what


“If I were stranded on a desert isle” . . . Ann Davis

A new Paragon ad in Metal Clay Artist magazine features jewelry artist Ann Davis. The ad includes the photo of Ann with her Paragon SC-3, and begins with this message:

“If I were stranded on a desert isle, I would take my Keurig coffemaker, my Paragon kiln, a suitcase full of supplies, and a really long extension cord!

“I love Paragon, have been using their kilns since the late 60s. I used them first for pottery and casting, then glass, and now PMC. My current heartthrob is the SC-3, my precious. It’ll do anything, probably stand on its head for me. I have used it for wax burnout, beadmaking, metal clay, enameling, heat coloring copper—golly, just about everything. It’s a workhorse! Oh, and I talk to it, tell it we are ready to start the day . . . and it glows and makes that little turning on and off sound to keep me company.”

Volume 4, Issue 4 of Metal Clay Artist magazine, which shows the new ad on pa


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